Sensei Arlan Cage, 4th Dan

Sensei Arlan Cage has been a karate practitioner since 1990 and is a 4th Dan in traditional karate.  He has trained and studied in Shotokan, a Japanese karate system, and Shorin-Ryu, an Okinawan system.  He also has more than 20 years’ experience in Qigong and Tai Chi.  His primary teachers are David Conklin, 7th Dan in a Shotokan/self defense system based in Torrance, CA, and Bernie Weiss (now deceased), an 8th Dan in both Shotokan and Shorin-Ryu.


Based on his background in Japanese, Okinawan, and Chinese martial arts, Sensei Cage has developed the Aiki–Kime Ryu Karate Jutsu system.  Aiki means “united spirit”, and can refer to using your spirit, or energy, to destroy an opponent’s will to fight without ever engaging in actual combat.  Kime typically means “focus” or “concentration” on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. 


Together, they imply the idea of “Total Commitment” – instantly devoting all your energy, concentration and focus into the process of self defense. 


He currently teaches karate and qigong privately, women’s self defense courses for a variety of organizations, as well as a series of seminars for martial arts instructors entitled 3 Seconds or Less TM, on kata bunkai based defense techniques.


Sensei Cage is currently based in Mount Shasta, CA, and is available to travel throughout the Western US and Canada to teach seminars.


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