ATAMA Examiners


ATAMA maintains a board of examiners to ensure that any rank advancements through our organaization are legitimate.  This means the candidate for advancement has truly earned a promotion through his or her own proficiency.  This helps assure other schools and instructors, as well as the public, that individuals ranked through ATAMA are true martial artists and qualified instructors.


If your particular style is not represented in our examining board, an appropriate board of the closest, most appropriate styles will be assembled.

ATAMA Board of Examiners


Dan Tosh, 10th Dan   Shorin Ryu, Kwoon Do

John Sepulveda, Kenpo

Fred Buck, 9th Dan, Kyokushin

Dwight Holley, Shotokan

Jimmy Willis, Kanjukenbo

Michael Tobin, Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu

Sid Rayford, 9th Dan, Kobayshi Shorin Ryu

TR Crimi, Jui Jitsu

Steven Barbieri, Tae Kwon Do