About A.T.A.M.A.

who we are, what we do


ATAMA is a democratic, non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe, effective martial arts instruction.  We do this by certifying instructors, providing continuing education so martial arts instructors can upgrade their skills and knowledge, and by offering rank promotions for the many instructors in need of a new home.  Each of these is discussed further by clicking the links below.


Continuing Education for Martial Arts Instructors of all Styles


Instructor Certification and Standards


Legitimate Rank Advancement


Membersip in ATAMA is $50 per year.  This gives you the safety and satisfaction of having a legitimate peer-reviewed organization for Credentialing and Ranking, discounts on all continuing education events. and the security for your students and the community of knowing that you, their instructor, is a legitimate, vetted, true martial arts teacher.