Current ATAMA Leadership


Since it inception, ATAMA has been a Democratically organized and run organization.  This was considered radical in the world of martial arts at that time, and to a certain extent, still is.  Prior to ATAMA’s inception, martial arts schools and styles centered around the founder, whose ideas and decisions were final.  If the dictator was benevolent, all was well.  If not, things could get interesting.


The current ATAMA officers and board members since 2016 are:


- President: Hanshi Sid Rayford, 9th Dan

- Vice-President: Kyoshi Robert White, 8th Dan

- Secretary/Treasurer: Amy Rayford, 5th Dan

- Additional Board Members:

    > TR Crimi

    > Shizumi Crimi

    > Alexander Archie

    > Adam Floyd



L to R: Amy Rayford, Sid Rayford, TR Cimi, Alexander Archie, Adam Floyd, Shizumi Crimi


Throughout the years ATAMA activity and membership has waxed and waned. In September of 2016, the ATAMA Board of Directors called for a meeting and elected a new President, Hanshi Sid Rayford of Merced, CA.


Under the new direction of Hanshi Rayford, ATAMA has re-emphasized the original intent of founder Duke Moore’s vision: a credentialing agency and black belt teachers’ registry.  This re-emphasis on our core values and core history has begun a new resurgence of ATAMA membership and activity, as we continually expand ways of providing value to our members, and to the public whom our member teachers serve.