Rank Advancement


Over time, people move from place to place and lose access to their original schools.  Sometimes our teachers go into retirement, or for some other reason they no longer teach. Instructors get old and pass away just like everyone else, and if there is nobody else who can recognize their rank and/or continue to rank them according to their experience, contributions, or needs, the students who trained under them often lose the ability for further promotions.   Some organizations turn out to be run by unscrupulous instructors who operate on a “cult of personality”, and legitimate promotions can be withheld for arbitrary reasons, leaving black belt ranked instructors with no way forward.  It is completely unreasonable to expect someone who is a legitimate black belt instructor who runs his or her own dojo, to have to start over at the bottom of a new organization in hopes of someday being allowed to move up one more Dan rank. 


There are actually many reasons why advanced instructors may need an organization where they can test for, and earn, their next promotion.  Since its inception, ATAMA has provided this opportunity for its members.  ATAMA has a well-tenured and well-respected board of examiners that is able to examine candidates and provide legitimate rank for our members.  Our examiners cover most styles, and appropriate examining boards can be convened whenever required.


Those who are seeking credentials (rank) will be reviewed either in person or via video by a senior and top level Sensei of their respective style. You can read more about our ATAMA Examining Board members on the "Examiners" page.  ATAMA has the people in place to examine various styles and issue credentials accordingly. If we don't have a person from your exact style of martial arts, then ATAMA will have all of the examiners review the candidate and give a recommendation.


For those seeking rank advancement, there is a $50 fee, in addition to the $50 per year membership.