Continuing Education


One of the strengths of ATAMA is its diversity.  We are open to instructors from any and all styles of martial arts.  Our instructor training exposes our members to many new ways of doing things.  We learn new techniques from other styles that we find ways to incorporate into the material we teach.  We find that the methods of the various styles have far more similarities than they do differences. 

Seminars might be about some of the many aspects of self defense.  They might teach new forms or kata.  They might include new fitness routines.  Usually, they are also replete with ample stories of martial arts history.


We offer instructor training a number of times per year.  The frequency and locations of training seminars is expanding as our membership increases.  Virtually all our members are qualified to teach something.  An ATAMA seminar is a chance to expand your knowledge base and is truly a memorable experience.